About Us

Jhiquita White is the owner and founder of 5 Ahnyx Jemz Designs, the online women's boutique, where she sources, collects, and sell exquisite pieces of hand chosen women's fashion items.

Her experiences as a model and fashion designer are evident in the curated collections she shares and provides for sale on the website.

Jhiquita is the proud mother of 4 children. She has a special interest, focus and passion towards helping women be bold, stand out and regain confidence in themselves and their sometimes-changed body shape/size that occurs after childbirth through the wearing of apparel and accessories she offers.

Jhiquita is also an accomplished clothing designer and seamstress and works directly with clients to offer custom made elegant/ evening dresses as well as rompers, blouses, skirts and more in the Upstate, New York area where she lives.

In this picture shown below is a dress she created.